Don't you deserve to be happy as humans we struggle to be happy so find what makes you happy and hold on to it, if it'll hurt someone try to tell them before you do it it'll hurt them less talk to people you trust about the situation how bad could it be? - from a long time fan of you

It’s hard to find a friend that I trust these days. It’s not a case of it’ll hurt someone because in this instance hurt is always going to be inevitable, it’s just finding the right words, which in this situation I’m terrible at. I’ve been hurt too many times to carry on doing what people want me to do and to carry on ignoring my own feelings. And yet it always seems to be me that is portrayed as the bad guy. Because no matter how many times I’ve been fucked over “i shouldn’t live in the past”. Apparently it’s my present actions, and doing what I want, that is the thing to be frowned upon. I care too much what people think of me and it terrifies me.

Thank you for the kind words, I just wish you weren’t anon. X

Once again I’ve managed to get myself into yet another difficult situation. My feelings are so all over the place, and yet, selfishly, I’m bloody happy, in at least one respect that is.

For god sakeeeee.


I’m such a flirt when it comes to bar work it’s unreal, gets good tips though

Calling all ex-emo/scene kids.

Someone talk to me, going through my old iPod and reminiscing about bands I’m finding. This is too funny. Need someone to laugh with. It’s no fun alone.

Hit me up! If you were accustomed to one or more of the following things, this applies to you;

-Black sweeped fringe.
-Shit, shop bought, brightly coloured hair extensions (Coon tails included).
-One or more items of neon clothing.
-“rawr” MySpace photos.
-MySpace in general.
-One or more item of clothing printed with a diamond or skull of some kind.
-Hi-top converse with randomly coloured laces.
-An obsession with bands who have lyrics that NOONE can understand.

H E L P.


Moment of silence for those people who are stuck in the scene phase

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