Really need a friend tonight.

It’d be so nice to have someone to talk to. Not even about anything in particular, just anything at all.

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I’d love a friend who I can text lyrics to at silly o’clock and have them reply with the next ones and not get mad because of what time it is, Id love to have someone to tell about minimal aspects of my day and them be genuinely interested and find it funny, I’d love someone to talk to about my problems and have them listen and care and give me advice whilst thinking about what is want them to say, I’d love a friend who doesn’t think I’m mad at them when I don’t end texts with several “x’s”, I’d love a friend who feels like they can talk to me about things they’ve got going on and feel like they can trust me to lend a helping hand with their problems, I’d love to have a friend that I see everyday because it’s what we do, a friend to hang out with on weekends and go to gigs with, and drink with, and fangirl with. A friend who isn’t pretentious, and doesn’t judge everything I say, or make me worry about what I’m doing or how I act. I’d love a best friend. All I seem to do is push people away when all I want to do is wrap them in a large ball of cotton wool, or bubble wrap and keep them in my life forever. I miss every single person that used to be all of these things. I’m sorry that I’m a shit friend, and I’m sorry that I’ve pushed so many people away. I miss all of my best friends.

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To that anon, you’re not in fact who I thought you were.

Please message me again, if you can. Or just tell me who you are.

Not sure if you remember, but I sent you a message a few months ago basically praising you. Just so you know my opinion of you has not changed. Though now you have a boyfriend, and I am very happy for you, and I respect your relationship, he is a lucky man and you are a lucky lady. Just know what you are simply amazing in every way, to many, many people. Stay strong bro <3

If you’re who I think you are then you have a recent other half too. And ditto! I’m unbelievably happy for you also. If not then I wish I knew who you were. But things aren’t as peachy as they seem so your kind words mean a lot to me and are more uplifting than you may think. Thank you so much.

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